InSideOut City

Through a strategic and intentional focus, InSideOut City guides, trains, nurtures and empowers communities to reclaim the educational purpose of sports.

Change will begin when a critical mass of leaders and institutions support and implement the idea that physical, academic, social, emotional, moral and civic competencies are no longer beyond the scope of what sports and school and communities can or should accomplish.



Implementation Pathway

InSideOut City partners with urban educational and civic leaders to reclaim the educational purpose of sports through the implementation of the InSideOut Philosophy and InSideOut System.  

  • Step 1: Engage educational and civic leaders, including local NFL team’s (if applicable), school administrators, athletic associations, coaches and other key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Step 2: Train city educational leaders
  • Step 3: Initiate School Implementation Team Training
  • Step 4: Implement InSideOut System School Action Plan
  • Step 5: Model, Teach and Integrate InSideOut Character Curriculum
  • Step 6: Complete Impact Assessment

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