The goal of InSideOut Baltimore is to develop, evaluate and replicate a model of education-based athletics for urban school districts. While challenges facing urban educational systems are not entirely unique to the InSideOut Statewide Initiative, urban schools tend to share some unique physical and demographic characteristics such as; higher concentrations of poverty, greater racial and ethnic segregation, academic achievement gaps and more frequent rates of student mobility.

Our Approach

InSideOut Baltimore has a three-pronged approach to utilizing sports for the human growth and development of Baltimore’s youth.

  1. Partner with Baltimore City Public Schools and support all stakeholders (Superintendent, Administrators, School Board, Principals and Athletic Directors) with the evidenced-based InSideOut Philosophy and InSideOut System to support education-based athletics that are co-curricular, character-based, and led by transformational coaching.
  2. Partner with Living Classrooms’ Target Investment Zone—a comprehensive strategic community initiative that concentrates on core education, workforce development, education-based athletics and health and wellness programs within an impoverished area of East Baltimore, and is focused on disrupting a cycle of generational poverty.
  3. Train all youth sports organizations and coaches in the InSideOut Philosophy to address the myriad challenges faced by many of Baltimore youth. In Baltimore City, only 38 percent of families have two parents and the city has one of the highest rates of father-absence in America. The absence of a father-mentor-coach is a more serious risk factor than poverty, education or any other socio-economic indicator. This absence is the leading cause of declining child wellbeing and is the engine driving many of Baltimore’s most pressing social problems.

Our Partners

The Latest

“Baltimore City and InSideOut Baltimore is fortunate to have two lead partners that believe in their corporate social responsibility to Baltimore City and its citizens. Both the Baltimore Ravens and Under Armour function from a double bottom line: financial profit and positive social impact. Since education is the social capitol young people to participate in 21st century America, the Ravens and Under Armor join the Baltimore City Public Schools in utilizing sports for the human growth and development of student-athletes.”

Joe Ehrmann, co-founder of InSideOut Initiative