InSideOut School

The InSideOut Initiative was created to assist school communities to reclaim sports as a human growth experience that connects students to caring adults in their school community.  The sports experience is only educational if we create experiences where students grow and develop as human beings and where we hold school communities accountable to the transformative power of what sports should be.

We follow a three-step process to help school communities create an educational and character building sports culture—Convening school leadership teams, creating School Implementation Teams, and creating action plans—all customized for the individual school community.

Implementation Pathway

  • Step 1: Garner Support of Educational Leadership within your School Community
  • Step 2: Attend a School Implementation Team Training
  • Step 3: Implement the InSideOut Action Plan
  • Step 4: Model, Teach and Integrate InSideOut Character Curriculum
  • Step 5: Complete Impact Assessment

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