InSideOut Team – An Update from Grand Rapids, Minnesota

The WHY WE PLAY InSideOut Team Cohort of athletic administrators along with their Coach Implementation Teams met on August 2nd at US Bank Stadium.  They were provided with training, guided discussions and the first of ten lessons to take back and implement in their school community.  Lesson One – The Purpose for a Purpose and Building Trust on a Team is the focus of a new 10-month strategy to intentionally reclaim the educational purpose of sports in Minnesota.

One of the main principles of the InSideOut Team personal and professional growth cohort is to be a better leader, athletic administrator and coach you have to be a better you.  You have to make a commitment to growth and become a better person.  The first step in this growth is to look inside and become aware of what is important to you—identifying your individual core values and writing a transformational purpose statement.

Anne Campbell, the Athletic Administrator at Grand Rapids High School has taken this philosophy, what she learned at the meeting on August 2nd and has implemented it with her coaches:

“The biggest take away for me and Nate, our middle school AD who also attended the training, was that we need to work with our coaches to build a more cohesive team, one with shared performance and moral character values.  Being intentional, having departmental goals, discussing goals and purpose, our WHY, and using common language for a collective transformational purpose is the journey we must all take to be better people and a more supportive and unified coaching team.  Receiving training, resources and a clear implementation pathway was extremely helpful and provided an effective guide on how to get started and accomplish this first step. We just completed InSideOut Team Lesson One and we are excited to be able to communicate effectively why we show up every day to our students and what we hope for them to acquire through the experiences we offer.  In our Collective Transformational Purpose Statement we use RAPIDS.  It’s exciting to be able to take WHY WE PLAY, our coaches, kids and community to the next level.  I know this is going to help all of us become better Coaches, Leaders and People!”