Making a Difference, One Small Act at a Time

Recently, a request came through on the InSideOut Initiative website from Melanie H., a teacher/advisor at a low-income, rural school in Marion, Alabama. Melanie explained, “I have students who are female athletes and are in desperate need of sports bras, socks and other athletic gear. I am looking for ways to connect the female athletes with the necessary things to help them succeed on the court and field.”

While the InSideOut Initiative does not directly provide supplies, Johnna Harvey, executive assistant to Joe Ehrmann, knew she couldn’t let the request go unanswered. Having a daughter who was a cheerleader and rugby player, Johnna fully understood the importance of undergarments for young female athletes—and she immediately wondered how we could use our partnerships to support these young women. Johnna sprang into action, and replied:


I have to tell you how moved I was by your request today.
I have a daughter that was a cheerleader in high school and a rugby player in college. She would not have been able to do either of those activities if I had not been able to buy dozens of sports bras over the years. It breaks my heart to think of not being able to participate in a sport you love because of lack of undergarments.

We are not an organization that has ‘product,’ and I usually cannot help with requests such as yours. But today…today we make a difference. I have contacted someone at Under Armour that we work with. He checked their excess inventory and came up with a box of sports bras!”

Within a couple of weeks, our friends at Under Armour shipped 29 sports bras to the Francis Marion High School Basketball Team.

“It is people like you and companies like Under Armour that make such a difference in the lives of young people,” Melanie replied. “You have made my day and you have changed lives with your generosity. Thank you thank you a million times over!”

The athletes shared their thanks as well—in the video below. Thank you to our friends at Under Armour for this generous gift!