Winning isn’t everything for this sports nonprofit

The Indianapolis Colts are sponsoring Indiana’s rollout of the InSideOut Initiative to transform the current “win-at-all-costs” sports culture in which value is defined by the scoreboard, into one that defines and promotes sports as a human growth experience.

“Sports engage more individuals, families, and communities in a shared experience than any other cultural activity, organization or religion,” wrote the Indianapolis Recorder.

“For sports to provide students with human growth opportunities and moral development, we must move beyond defining success by the scoreboard and create space in the culture for a higher purpose,” said Jody Redman, InSideOut Initiative co-founder and executive director. “The InSideOut Initiative provides a blueprint for systemic change—and guides communities into reframing the purpose of sports and building a system that focuses on the development of the educational, social, and emotional well-being of each student athlete.”