Staying Connected: InSideOut Opportunities in the Coming Weeks

The InSideOut Initiative exists to support and equip school communities across the country in making transformational culture change that prioritizes the well-being of student-athletes. We want to assure you of the steps we’re taking to keep our communities safe, and about some upcoming opportunities that will help our partners stay connected—to each other, and to the students they support.

First, we are postponing all upcoming in-person gatherings, and we are moving to a virtual format. We are heavily dependent on connection and community to conduct our trainings and workshops—and will continue the momentum with our current partners when it’s safe to do so. However, much of our curriculum delivery can be done via video conferencing and through our online InSideOut Community platform. We are taking the necessary steps to move away from the in-person format through the end of April.

Next, we are introducing some additional programming. During a time when so many activities and events are being canceled—school, tournaments, and seasons—we’re doubling down on our commitment to help our partners foster community and connection. It’s critical that we support student-athletes during this period and help them continue to feel connected to caring adults in this time of social distancing.

Here are some of the ways our InSideOut partners and their teams can continue to build community and invest in personal and professional development over the coming weeks:

  • Community Zooms: Weekly Zoom meetings with Joe, Jody and our National AD Partners to discuss specific ways to stay connected to each other and to student-athletes during this difficult time; best practices to use in school communities to help InSideOut get traction; and work through specific ways to sharpen professional development skills.
  • Student Connectedness Emails: Bi-weekly emails to school administrators and coaches that contain ideas, best practices and curriculum to stay connected and engaged with students. We’ll also be sharing these on the website and ISOI social media channels. 
  • Book Studies: Two separate book studies—one specifically geared toward those just getting started on the InSideOut Journey, and one for athletic administrators who are in Phase Two and Three.  

We’ll also be sharing new resources, best practices and tools on our social media channels—so watch for those as well.

While the environment around us is uncertain, we are grateful for this community.

Please take care of yourselves and one another!