Evaluating the Impact of Our Four-Phase Initiative

The InSideOut Initiative has embarked upon a longitudinal study to evaluate the impact of our four-phase initiative, and 2021 marks the kickoff of student-athlete data collection. This is the largest systems-level study ever conducted in interscholastic athletics to measure student-athletes’ social emotional and character development. Data collected will tell a story of how InSideOut’s impact on athletic administrators and coaches is reflected in the lives of the student-athletes they support. This study will emphasize the impact of InSideOut Initiative on high school football coaches and their players. Four NFL teams and state athletic and educational associations have been selected to participate:

  1. Washington Football Team and Virginia High School League
  2. Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Interscholastic Athletic Association
  3. Kansas City Chiefs and Missouri High School Athletic Association
  4. Seattle Seahawks and Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association

To collect data from student-athletes, we’ll ask them to describe their experiences in athletics and reflect on their personal characteristics and behaviors. We’ll ask questions such as, “Does my coach understand and respond to my unique needs and views?” and “To what degree do student-athletes demonstrate self-awareness and management, empathy, social skills, moral character, and responsible decision-making?” We are thrilled to collaborate with the Institute to Promote Athlete Health and Wellness at the University of North Carolina Greensboro to complete this study. Stay tuned for more updates from this multi-year initiative!

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