The System

The InSideOut System provides a pathway for systemic change—moving educational communities through a four-part process centering on Awareness, Alignment, Action, and Accountability.

  • Awareness – Defines the purpose of education-based athletics
  • Alignment – Instills a common language
  • Action – Provides education, resources and tools
  • Accountability – Establishes clear expectations, policies and procedures

Redefine & Realign

To reclaim the educational purpose of sports, school communities must work together to redefine the purpose, and intentionally align key stakeholders around this purpose. It’s critical that school leaders and communities have an in-depth understanding of the purpose of education-based athletic programs, and use a shared common language.

Not Just Coaches

Training coaches alone is not enough. Without support of the school community, the current win-at-all-costs sports culture will continue to make winning the only value that comes from participation. School boards, superintendents, administrators, athletic directors, coaches, parents and school communities all have a vital role in reclaiming the transformative power of sports. 

A Team Effort

Educational leaders and communities must adopt and implement policies that clearly define a new standard of expectation for education-based athletics. This includes implementing policies, strategies and procedures to hire, train, evaluate and support transformational coaches.