The Approach

For sports to provide students with human growth and moral development opportunities, we must move beyond defining success by the scoreboard and create space in the culture for a higher purpose.

The InSideOut Initiative provides a blueprint for systemic change through the InSideOut System and the InSideOut Philosophy that defines and elevates the purpose, teaches a common language, provides resources and curriculum and employs strategies that hold school communities accountable to developing the human potential of students.

Through a well-defined pathway, supportive leadership and intentional coaching, school communities  successfully reclaim the educational purpose of sports.

1. Leadership

Statewide leadership gathers for a day-long training to engage in conversation around the purpose of education-based athletics, establish a shared common language, and to define state specific implementation strategies.  Leadership includes NFL community relations executives, representatives from the state high school athletic associations, athletic administrators, school boards, superintendents, and principals associations, departments of education, legislators, and other influential leaders.

2. Implementation

School Implementation Teams come together to learn the InSideOut System—which creates space in the culture for sports to be about the human growth and development of students.  Teams will also engage in the InSideOut Philosophy, which provides specific tools to enable and equip them to take an InSideOut journey that will challenge and inspire them to define and bring to life their transformational purpose.  School Implementation Teams leave with an InSideOut Action Plan to be implemented in their school community.

3. Sustainability

The InSideOut Initiative provides a clear pathway and prepares School Implementation Teams to reclaim the educational purpose of sports.  InSideOut Schools have access to a national network of school communities engaged in InSideOut movement, along with collected best practices, proven strategies, resources, curriculum and ongoing support.