InSideOut Georgia, in partnership with the NFL Foundation, Atlanta Falcons, Georgia High School Association, Georgia Athletic Directors Association, and Atlanta Public Schools, kicked off in August 2019 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. More than 140 educational and athletic leaders were in attendance and shared their thoughts about intentional leadership and providing a healthy sports culture.

Dr. Robin Hines, Executive Director of the Georgia High School Association, said: “We are excited to support a program that will bring to the forefront good sportsmanship and the true purpose of school-based athletics. While winning is important, we would like to lose the ‘win-at-all-costs’ mentality that has become so pervasive in our society today. The greatest benefit of sports should be the relationships and life lessons that can be learned from friendly competition.”

Phase 1 training for Georgia will continue into 2019-2010. Special thanks to all of the incredible educational leaders who attended to learn more about reclaiming the educational purpose of athletics in our school communities. We look forward to continuing transformational partnerships!

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The Atlanta Falcons are proud to support the launch of the InSideOut Initiative throughout the state of Georgia. We are committed to providing resources that will effectively shape the culture of sports and focus on character development, and the InSideOut Initiative supports our commitment to student-athletes across Georgia.

Rich McKay, President and CEO of Atlanta Falcons