The Philosophy

The InSideOut Philosophy focuses on the purpose, power, possibility, and privilege of leading and coaching. It requires educational leaders, athletic directors, coaches and school communities to take an in-depth look at four key questions:

  • Why do I coach?
  • Why do I coach the way I do?
  • How does it feel to be coached by me?
  • How do I define success?

The growth and development of each student’s human potential can only be fostered if the adults who are in charge are aware of and intentional about their transformative purpose.

Understanding Why You Coach

The InSideOut Philosophy centers on the belief that to be a better coach, you have to be a better you.  To be a better you, you must spend time reflecting on your own experiences, then develop a personal game plan for you and for the human growth of your student-athletes. 

“The interior work consists of reflecting on both our glorious and our hurtful experiences with sports and coaches.  It involves tracing the unfulfilled needs we felt as athletes and determining how those unmet needs can drive us as coaches, and then understand that our obligation is to coach for our players and not for ourselves.  When coaches do this personal reflection and interior work they come up with some startling answers to the question, ‘Why do I coach?’.”

Coaches who engage in the InSideOut Initiative learn the disciplines to develop their human potential and transformational coaching philosophy.   For this to be sustained in a “win-at-all-cost” culture there must be support.  This support comes from the InSideOut System.